Welcome to SMII Laser Pants project blog!

Here you can follow the progress of decoding the machine code of the RuiDA CO2 laser control system, like the RDC6442G.

There are three reasons why I am doing this:

  1. First and foremost. The marking flexibility of RD Works seems limited and I need a solution for my small volume production. Hence, I need a tool to inject my own type of serial number without manual fiddling with RD Works.
  2. I do all my drawing and CAD with Autodesk Fusion 360. I rather use their CAM part than always passing through RD Works. Hence, I need a post-processor for my RDC6442S to create machine code (rd-file) directly from Fusion 360.
  3. I need to learn some more javascript, or at least keep up some web programming. And finally utilize and get into GitHub.

I think this is great fun, but I can’t put to much time into this every week. So this will be a work in progress. All the endeavors are open source, so anybody can improve, or make things happening faster.

SMII Laser Pants