Almost there…

There are many hours behind the current state of progress . I don’t believe I have spent more than a ⅓ of the time on figuring out the messages. Most time is spent on an application where I can view the data, and now finally, edit and save to a file.


Half of this application programming time, if not more, is just head scratching and web searching since the application is written with javascript and running in the browser. Python could have been easier if my aim wasn’t to also create a post-processor for Fusion 360. The post-processor has to be written in javascript. But this is great for other thing to come.


The editor is available here for you to test. Now, I don’t expect too many people being interested in the viewer/editor. It’s a tool to make sense of the proprietary messages read by the machine, or rather the control system. You probably want some useful functions if you want to create your own crazy laser app. We will get there…

What’s next?

Up next is to remove lines, or messages, from a rd-file to see what messages that has to be in a program in order to run. And maybe some fiddling with the unknown, or unclear,  messages to bring some more clarity….

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