Short introduction of 2D cutting in Fusion 360

Have quick look at the video below if you’re curious about the workflow in Fusion 360. It’s obviously target to professional cutters. My project is for everyone, but I believe it’s hobbyists and makers who would find it useful. One major reason is that cutting is not their main business and they are happy trying modern tools.

Not a complete substitute for RD Works (yet)

There’s lot of benefits to run all from fusion if your primary laser operation is cutting. However, I believe we are left with RD Works for engraving for now. I do have some ideas for how this can be done, but it’s not anywhere close in time.

The laser part  of 2D cutting CAM is very basic, and seems to be adapted to how other, non China, lasers operate. Maybe this best described as CAM for high performance cutter machines. Machines with kilowatts in its cutting performance.

We will see how useful it is for my 80 watt China CO2 machine.


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