How to save a Fusion 360 post processor output as a binary file…

I have asked the Autodesk cam-forum for some help regarding saving machine code as a binary file. Unfortunately it hasn’t been fruitful yet. Seems like a second step is necessary.

This is my current plan…

  1. The post processor output will be a text file with the same format as the browser editor shows. This file can then be saved to a rd-file via the browser. editor This is a bit cumbersome.
  2. To make it a little bit more convenient. The file could be sent to a web-server. I’m currently testing a simple solutions. I don’t know yet how easy it is to trigger apps in the termination block in the post processor.
  3. Trigger a local conversion script via python or something similar. (I will probably not get here if solution 1 or 2 works fine for most users (if there will be any).

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